About Us

Movie Tavern is one of the largest in-theater dining concepts in the U.S. We combine the “magic of the movies” with the pleasure of “dining out” to create a unique entertainment experience for our guests. Movie Tavern first opened in Ft. Worth, TX in 2001 and today, we operate in eight states with eighteen locations and growing.


  1. Guests are encouraged to arrive 45 minutes prior to their movie show time. This allows you to select your seats and decide which chef-inspired appetizer, entree or dessert they would like to enjoy during the movie or relax and eat in our bar. We also carry a wide selection of your favorite in-cinema treats such as fresh popcorn, candies and more.
  2. Our unobtrusive servers are there to assist you with ordering food in the cinema before the movie begins. With a push of a button, your server can be there to assist you when you need another cocktail or have decided on a dessert.
  3. Many enjoy Movie Tavern’s bar area before or after the movie, choosing to eat, drink and letting their night begin or end there. You don’t need to see a movie to enjoy our bar and you are also not required to order food to see a movie, allowing you to choose how you want your night to unfold.